The Lesson of the Olive Tree

The Lesson of the Olive Tree

olive tree

We can’t grow in spiritual maturity
unless we first stretch upward.

We can’t stretch upward and find truth
unless we reach for God.

We can’t reach God in the heavens
unless we allow Him into our roots.

It is He who provides
the new growth
in us.

We have but to say

Father God, in the name of Jesus Christ,
through the power of the Holy Spirit,
I give you my YES! AMEN!

Thank you for joining me on this Virtual Pilgrimage! It’s been my privilege to serve the Lord by serving you as your tour guide.

Let's go, saints!

Before we say good-bye — Did you know that the Christian presence in the Holy Land has been disappearing? Christians who live there are persecuted. They suffer from lack of access to medical care and good paying jobs, and so they are fleeing.

Praise God, the Franciscans who are caretakers of the holy sites are also ministering to the people and working on solutions to safeguard the Christian presence in the Holy Land. But they need our help!

Please join me in providing the help they need. There are several ways to help: Visit the Franciscan Foundation website.

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