Church of Bethany

The Church of Bethany originally was a Crusaders’ church that was built over the site of the home of Lazarus, Mary and Martha. The modern Church of Bethany was built around it’s remains. An ancient pillar (near left) and wall (far right) indicate that the place where we stand was once under the protection of a roof.

Church of Bethany

Spending a moment at the altar inside the Church of Bethany, we take to heart the example of the special friendship this family had with Jesus. It’s a message of true hospitality, written on a sign found here:

 altar inside the Church of Bethany

“Today as in the past, the love of Jesus seeks a refuge, where He is lovingly expected and where He can rest. He finds our hearts are filled with distractions ~ people, work, our own interests ~ He longs for us to empty our hearts and lovingly receive Him.”