Birthplace of Christ

We all stand in awe as we look at the birthplace of Christ while Father Mike leads our group in a time of meditation and reflection.

Birthplace of Chirst: a cave beneath the church

In this cave beneath the church, you can get a sense of 2,000 years of worship and love for our Lord. The ceiling is blackened by centuries of smoke from votive oil lamps, and the walls are encased with time-worn paintings in frames and on canvas wall-coverings.

One by one, we each kneel down to touch the place where our Savior was born. Our fingers feel the rock under the church which had been the cave-stable Mary and Joseph used when there was no room in the inn. Our knees feel the hard marble floor that was placed around this holy spot in order to protect it from damage by fire (with all the candles and oil lamps, no wonder somebody a long time ago thought this was a good idea). And our hearts feel the tremendous love God had for us when He came into the world as one of us.

O Divine Father, the depth of Your love for me is beyond all my understanding, that You would give life to Your only begotten Son knowing that He would die as He did … all just because You love me so much. And since I cannot comprehend it, I take Your love for granted. Certain areas of my life are so full of other things, there is no room left for Jesus, just like there was no room for Him inside the Bethlehem inn. Lord Jesus, show me where, in my life, I have no room for You. And then come in and be born there, too!

Click on the place where Father Ed is putting his hand to get a closer look at what he is touching.